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Glee Icons to start the year!

So I started off the new year right by making icons of my absolute favorite show: Glee! Even though they might not be spectacular, I did get a bit carried away...this was a lot of experimentation, trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. That's an open invitation for some constructive criticism! So I ended up making well around 300 icons. I didn't know how to post them, so they're batched up by character. I'm starting with future Broadway star-Rachel Berry *points to lovely icon made by someone else*

57 Glee Icons {Rachel Berry}

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I'm looking back at everything I've posted in this community and honestly? It's all crap. Just total and utter crap. So I'm deleting all the old posts, and I'm going to start over. I'm just tired of making crappy graphics, yeah?
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 So not that anyone cares (I know no one really looks at this community except for me. Basically this note is for my own satisfaction), but I have NO idea why I haven't made any icons in months. Actually, I do know. It's because I only have Photoshop installed on the Windows desktop in the house. And well, it's a Dell. Therefore, it's a piece of crud. I turn it on and it sounds like there's a 747 in my room. I really can't stand how annoying it is, so I don't use the computer much at all anymore. BUT I got a new Macbook Pro for Christmas (what a lifesaver!), and as soon as I get my hands on the Windows XP software, I'll run Boot Camp to partition my hard drive. Photoshop meet shiny new laptop. :) I'm pretty sure I'll be making a butt load of graphics at that point.